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Diamond Approach® Florida

A new Diamond Approach® group is forming in Florida, and is welcoming those living throughout the Southeastern US. Whether you are new to this spiritual teaching, or you are an experienced student, you are invited. Ordinarily we meet in person  three times a year in St. Petersburg --fall, winter and spring. These meetings include talks evoking our depth, meditative practices, and experiential inquiry explorations. There are supportive online series offerings between the in person meetings. .


Our current online series offering is a live inquiry group via Zoom videoconferencing. To help us in the wake of  the coronavirus, we need the real comfort, support and peace available to us  when we connect to our true depth.. Please join us:.

           Inquiry group online series


            June 27, July 11, 18,

            August 8, 22, 29, 2020; 

            12n-1:30pm Eastern,

            Fee  $180 ($150 if paid by 6/17) for the 6 week series

            (sliding scale available)


In these changing times, Inquiry, the central practice of the Diamond Approach, offers a powerful, dynamic doorway to becoming more anchored in your own personal experience in the moment. It is a unique method of self-understanding. 

We will meet live as a group and you will have the opportunity to inquire  individually with the teacher while in the supportive online presence of the other group members. 

We will also explore and learn meditation, and sensing practice, which are supportive to understanding the Diamond Approach. This inquiry group format is useful to support your personal work and  in person meetings.

REGISTER  BELOW  BY PAYPAL-- still accepting new participants


As a support in the wake of the  coronavirus, we are offering a: 

                             FREE WEBINAR

             Inquiry: True Support in Turbulent Times

            June 20, 2020 12noon 2pm EDT

             Fee: FREE


When Inquiry, the central practice of the Diamond Approach, is  infused with the Essential Aspect of Will, our inquiry—and our lives-- can feel like a steadfast, unwavering odyssey of discovery. 

Essential Will is the source of the true support, determination, and confidence needed to stay anchored  and navigate the challenges and vicissitudes we encounter  in these uncertain times.

 Real Will evokes our determination to discover the truth of our experience. And our love of truth allows us to discover the wondrous treasure that is within us—who we really are. With this discovery, our inner odyssey and our lives can be transformed.

 If you are interested in finding out more about Diamond Approach Florida, please join us on June 20 for this webinar. There will be evocative talks, personal inquiry exploration, and an opportunity to explore further with the teachers while in the supportive online presence of other webinar members. 




What is the Diamond Approach?

The Diamond Approach® is a unique, worldwide, modern spiritual teaching that combines the knowledge of humanistic psychology with ancient wisdom traditions. It embraces our everyday lives and fully allows for our humanness, including our pain and vulnerabilities. It has been recognized among other spiritual teachings and paths to enlightenment for its unique suitability to modern life. It exquisitely provides us with the possibility of blossoming as complete and realized human beings. 


Diamond Approach Teachers

Ilene Buchalter has been a Diamond Approach teacher since 2002. She has been a member of the Ridhwan School, home of the Diamond Approach, since 1980. She teaches groups and individuals in Colorado and Florida, as well as those living throughout the US and internationally. She has also taught multiple groups in the Diamond Approach Online program. 

Caroline Pietrangelo Owens has been a member of the Ridhwan School and a student of the Diamond Approach since 1996. She has been a teacher of this path since 2016 and works online and in person with students living in California,  Florida, and internationally.. 


Check out this great video of  Diamond Appraoch Florida lead teacher Ilene Buchalter

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Online Inquiry Series- June 27, July  11, 18, August 8, 22, 29, 2020  noon-1:30pm EDT. Online by Zoom only

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Free Webinar-Inquiry: True Support in Turbulent Times, June 20, 2020, online via Zoom

Inquiry group online series:    May , 2020 via Zoom

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